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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Timings and Weekly Episodic Rollout Plan Confirmed

Aug 16, 2022

The countdown begins—Prime Video’s highly anticipated series launches next month

Prime Video today confirmed that the first TWO episodes of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power will premiere on 1 September/2 September (time zone dependent). The rest of the episodes will follow a weekly, single-episode rollout. The episodes will launch at the same time around the world, so that all fans can experience them simultaneously. The finale of the eight-episode first season will air on 14 October.

Week One Timings*: 
6 p.m. PDT // Thursday, September 1

9 p.m. EDT // Thursday, September 1

2 a.m. UK // Friday, September 2
3 a.m. CEST // Friday, September 2

6:30 a.m. IST // Friday, September 2

10 a.m. JST // Friday, September 2

11 a.m. AU // Friday, September 2

1 p.m. NZ // Friday, September 2

Week Two Timings Through to Season Finale:

9 p.m. PDT // Thursdays 

12 a.m. EDT // Fridays

1 a.m. Brazil // Fridays
5 a.m. UK // Fridays 

6 a.m. CEST // Fridays 

9:30 a.m. IST // Fridays 

1 p.m. JST // Fridays 

2 p.m. AU // Fridays 
4 p.m. NZ // Fridays

*These timings are shared as an indicator for a handful of countries—for other local time zones, please convert to the equivalent times or check with your local Prime Video Press Office