Cast Detail: Morgaine “Moo” and Rhiannon “Rhi” Smith

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Morgaine “Moo” and Rhiannon “Rhi” Smith

  • Morgaine “Moo” and Rhiannon “Rhi” Smith

    Photo Credit: Wade Brands

  • Morgaine “Moo” and Rhiannon “Rhi” Smith

    Rhiannon and Morgaine were born in Scotland but grew up in the countryside of Virginia, never thinking they would become the city girls they are now. With Scottish parents, the twins are used to traveling back and forth to the UK and the U.S., but three years ago, Rhiannon decided to pack up and move to Manchester for good. After a little over a year, Morgaine joined her sister, and the two have begun to blossom in their city life. When it comes to work life, Morgaine is the type-A planner, with major career ambitions and a drive to succeed. Rhiannon is happy to go with the flow and is comparatively the more outgoing twin, although both love to go out and have a good time.

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