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Lola Brooke

  • Lola Brooke
  • Lola Brooke

    Few have been true to the roots of Brooklyn, New York while having the charisma and talent to transcend its identity. However, Lola Brooke, at full tilt, is making a stand-out case as one of Brooklyn’s heavyweights for the city that might just boast the best legacy in all of Hip-Hop. She may only clock in at 4’ 9”, but her lyrical presence casts a skyscraper-sized shadow over the game. She delivers words through unpredictable cadences laced with quotable lyrics and flush with attitude. She embodies the unbridled energy of drill yet kicks street knowledge with confidence and leans into the future with genre-busting fire. She has no shortage of charisma, and it defines her sound just as much as her delivery does. As such, she asserts herself as New York’s next hometown hero, backed up by a growing body of work. It’s all why she’s tallied streams in the millions and is keenly tipped for a major break

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