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Larry Blanford

  • Larry Blanford
  • Larry Blanford

    LARRY BLANFORD (Director of Photography) has been working professionally since 1987. 

    After graduating in 1977 from Richmond High School in Richmond, Indiana, Blanford joined the United States Air Force. Initially trained as an intelligence analyst, he was assigned to the National Security Agency and stationed at Iraklion Air Station Crete, Greece. Before that, Blanford had cross-trained into the Air Force’s Audiovisual Service.

    Subsequent to his seven years as an Air Force cameraman, and having accrued over 400 hours in all types of Air Force aircraft, including the F4, F5, F15 and F16, Blanford was offered a position as a camera operator on the movie Top Gun, flying in the backseat of the Navy’s F14s. 

    With the success of Top Gun and after serving nine years on active duty, Blanford departed the Air Force in 1986 and started his career in professional filmmaking. 

    He has shot film in over 40 countries. Blanford’s most recent credits include Tag (2018), and Hangman, the latter starring Al Pacino (2017). 

    Blanford resides in Charlottesville, Virginia with his wife Tamar and three step- daughters, Hannah, Madi and Emma. 

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