Cast Detail: Akash “Kush” and Krish “Luv” Chandani

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Akash “Kush” and Krish “Luv” Chandani

  • Akash “Kush” and Krish “Luv” Chandani

    Photo Credit: Wade Brands

  • Akash “Kush” and Krish “Luv” Chandani

    Akash and Krish are brothers of Indian descent and are extremely proud of it. They consider themselves to have grown up very similar—both played basketball, had the same GPAs, got accepted into the same 10 colleges, went to the same college, and majored in engineering. Krish started doing music first, and encouraged Akash to do it with him. In college, they were discovered by Wiz Khalifa, and Taylor Gang sent them beats to record while they were still in school. Today, while still pursuing music, they have become well-known and top-selling real estate agents in the Bay Area.

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